PTFE film, TEFLON film, PTFE sheet, PTFE Tape,

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PTFE film, TEFLON film, PTFE sheet, PTFE Tape,

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Tiêu chuẩn: Korea
Xuất xứ: Korea
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành:  tháng
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In comparison with conventional plastic, PTFE film has eccellent  heat resistance, chemical resistance, low-temperature characteristics, electrical insulation, high-frequency characteristic and low friction characteristics.
Thanks to these outstanding properties, used in various areas suchas electrical and electronic industry, machinery industry, space exploration and aircraft industries.Our PTFE skived film is customized as  a release sheet  for various  ACF bondings.

Thickness is available from 0.03mm up to 0.5mm and width is available from 4mm upto 1500mm.

PTFE coating, Dispersion Glass cloth
  1. By using special process of dispersion, PTFE dispersion glass cloth made of thin glass cloth and PTFE.
    It has following characteristics; stable at high temperature, low-friction, easy disassemble, chemical resistance, powerful insulation.
  2. Due to excellent characteristics, it is widely used on the following purpose;
    - Easy separation of products from belts and fabrics without sticking
    - It reduces friction, endures high temperature, and has chemical resistance.
  3. Depend on the purpose and applications, PTFE dispersion glass cloth can be supplied to customers with special width and length. We are also suppling electric conducting glass cloth to remove static properties.
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